About me

I’m Elodie, I grew up in a small village in Normandy, France. Now, I’m living in Busan since 3 years.

How did I end here ? Well this is a long story…

In short, like a lot of people, as a child, I watched a lot of Japanese animation. As a result, I started to love more and more the unique Japanese culture. So I finished my Graphic Design Degree, then I went to Japan to learn japanese for 6 months in 2010. Later, in 2013, I did a Working-Holiday Visa and stayed 1 year in Tokyo.

In total, I lived more than one year and half in Japan. I loved it ! After this experience, I realized that I wanted to do more than staying in front of a computer all day long. Because of that, I studied tourism and then worked for a WW2 museum in Normandy.

Even if I was happy with my life in France, I was going to turn 30 years old soon… Before planning my life for the next 40 years, I decided to do a Working-Holiday Visa for the last time, in South Korea.

An afternoon at Gwangalli Beach, Busan, South Korea ©Road of Cherry Trees

I chose Busan because I fell in love with the city during my first travel in South Korea in 2010.

To summarize, my plan was : staying one year, going back to France and the museum I was working for. However, life is full of surprises! I met my future husband during that year. Of course, now, I will stay a very long time in Busan.

Personal life was going well, but I was worried about my professional life. While sorting my travel pictures, I wondered if I could mix my tour guide experience with my passion for photography. For this reason, I thought of doing photoshoot for people in Busan.

This is a new adventure for me, lot of challenges, scary but I’m very excited about it. This project is still ‘work in progress’. However, if you are already in Busan, you can contact me for a photoshoot.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the articles, pictures and information of this blog.

Bonne lecture !